SCP Corridor 1

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Submitted by Ulysse94
Posted on January 22nd, 2019 01:58 PM EST
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Length 11 Width 7 Height 5 Relative height to paste: 2 blocks


The first part of you facility ! It's a corridor inspired by SCP. Use MCE for rotate it.

Some words on SCPF :
SCPF is the foundation of Special Containment Procedures. This foundation "stores" (or contains if you wish) all the abnormalities (animals) in cells.These cells are placed in "area" or "site" each with its own SCP. SCP is classified into three parts: SAFE (such as SCP-999 or SCP-914), EUCLID (all those not yet diagnosed by scientists such as SCP-079), and KETER (those that are dangerous such as SCP-106).
You can search on your browser "SCP the game" or other.

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