Community manager at BriarCraft community. I enjoy making my own textures packs, playing Minecraft with my boys and coaching robotics. I'm currently learning Japanese and JavaScript along with my kids.


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I personally think this is the best minecraft maze I've tried, but I haven't tried many. I like the diversity and the balance of fun entertaining levels and more difficult levels. Each level offers something a little different to keep things interesting. I had no problems downloading and setting up the schematic. There was one issue with one of the redstone machines in the trap level, it's not deal breaking and is probably related to differences in redstone functionality between versions or mod platforms (vanilla, bukkit, spigot, we use Canary). My favorite part is the iron door section. I'm not going to say anymore...

Thanks for sharing.
EPIC 8 level Maze on June 23rd, 2015 03:48 PM EST

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