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Hello jar9, the staff at the Realms of Clastreen server have been looking at your building work and are very impressed, we would love it if you would work with us on our quest map, and any other jobs that come along. At the moment we are building a temporary survival server just to keep us going until we build the main quest map, you will be given a quick architect test (although we know that you will succeed, its server policy) if you accept our offer of using your services. If you pass you will be given the rank of Architect or Carpenter and we will look at promoting you up from there if you succeed in your job, if you are interested please reply and tell us so, and we will give you more information. You will not find us on the internet because we have not yet made our website public. We hope you all the best whether you work with us or not.
Yours sincerely,
juliangreengiant - Operator - Faction Leader - Board Member
Jar9 castle [finished] on March 8th, 2014 09:21 AM EST

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