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WorldEdit 5.5

WorldEdit 5.5 was released some days ago. This version is comptatible with CraftBukkit 1.4.6-R0.3.

- Added failsafe for when Craftbukkit packaging switches versions. Note that using mismatched WorldEdit and CraftBukkit version will cause data to be lost when copy/pasting or loading certain blocks with advanced data.
- Updated cardinal directions to match newer Notchian values. Using command that take a direction will now use these directions.
- Add support for setting skull blocks. Syntax is skull:data|MobType|rotation. MobType can also be a player name.
- Removed old permissions for jumpto and thru. You must now use jumpto.command or jumpto.tool respectively (or thru.).
- Added -c flag to //size and //distr. Operates on the clipboard instead of current selection.
- Added support for rotating wooden logs.
- Add butcher-radius.maximum and butcher-radius.default to limits section of config.
- Added -b flag to //butcher to specify ambient mobs (currently only bats)
- Added -d and -n flags for //schematic list command. Sorts by date by newest/oldest.
- Added a configuration option to allow symbolic links (for backups, schematics, etc)
- Improved accuracy of command logging, as well as logging to file correctly. The worldedit.log file (by default) should now be useful.
- Fixed //snow snowing on some blocks it shouldn't (like stairs)
- For developers: Added a LocalPlayer argument to the constructors for EditSession in the factory. Also added @NestedCommand(executeBody=true/false) so that base commands can be executed if no subcommands are passed.