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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 is Available

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 is available for Android, iOS, FireOS and Windows Phone.

You can find the full changelog here :

You can find all servers for MCPE 0.11.0 here :

Minecraft Schematics version 1.4

"" will be one year old in few days. To celebrate this, the version 1.4 of the website is now finished.

Some features of this new version were available since some weeks but new features has been added recently.

Support for "World Save" file

"" does now support "World Save" file format. This file format allow users to post really bigger creations than with schematic file format. You can now share a whole Minecraft world!!!

Here are some nice "World Save" creations that are already available:


A great team of moderators

We have now a great team of moderators. They will help us to test creations available and make sure that you are downloading working creations.

In the future, we will give them more and more tools to help them in their job. We will also try to find a way to thank them for their great work (gifts).

You can find the list of our moderators here:

RSS Feed for latest creations

You don't want to miss the latest creations submitted on ""? A RSS Feed is now available to follow the latest creations here:

Browse creations by videos

You can now browse creations directly by videos here:

A servers list for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Few days ago we have launched a servers list for Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have a Minecraft PE server or if you are looking for a server to play on, I invite you to visit

World save file support does now support "World Save" file format.

This new feature is a really big addition that should bring bigger projects on

Minecraft 1.6 "The Horse Update" is out

Minecraft 1.6 "The Horse Update" is out. This new version recquire you to download the new "Minecraft launcher" here:

Main Changes in 1.6:

- Added Horses
- Added Donkeys, Mules
- Added Horse Armor
- Added Leads
- Added Carpets
- Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay
- Added Block of Coal
- Added Name Tags (item)
- Added Hay Bales
- Texture packs are now “resource packs" that also can hold sound etc ....

Full changelog:

To find a server running Minecraft 1.6.2:

Minecraft Schematics version 1.3

"" has celebrated its 6 months last month and is now hosting almost 500 schematics. On this occasion, we have updated the website to version 1.3.

Summary of changes:
- Code cleaning and lots of tweaks/improvements
- Lots of small design updates
- Achievements system updated
- New settings for your profile
- Statistics chart for contributors
- Improve home page
- Improve profile page
- Two new themes: Ancient & Asian
- A new category: Arenas
- New fields for schematics: width, length, height, blocks and paste position.

Achievements system updated

The achievements system of "" has been updated. This update is a part of the coming 1.3 version of our website.

- Four new achievements added
- Complete overhaul of the achievements pictures
- Achievements list design has been updated
- Achievements leaderboard design has been updated

We will add more achievements soon.

New settings for your profile

We have released an update to the user profile page.

You can now add, to your profile, the following settings:
- Facebook url
- Google+ url
- Steam profile/group url
- Youtube profile/channel url
- Twitter username
- Skype username
- Minecraft username
- Server key (if you have a server register on "Minecraft Multiplayer")
- A banner

You see an example of the new user profile page here:

To update your profile:

Statistics and website version 1.3

We are working on "" version 1.3 and we have already released some new features/updates:


Each schematic has now a new page that will show complete statistics to it's owner.

An improve home page

The home page has been improved. We hope that you will like it.

In the coming days, more changes are coming.

Minecraft Schematics 1.1 has been updated to version 1.1.

Main changes
- You cannot rate your own schematic anymore
- Schematics need at least 3 votes to be displayed in "Top rated"
- Added "Server Hosting" page
- Added a RSS feed for our blog:
- New Captcha system
- Added "Latest comments" page
- Schematics without at least one picture will not be show anymore (except on owner profile)
- Added "Support us" page
- Added users leaderboard based on achievements: "Achievements leaderboard"
- Added "Traps" category

Version 1.0 and new account options was launched in Beta state on October 19th.

Version 1.0 has now been released and is no more in Beta state. This mean that the basic features are now finished and that we can now focus on new features. Watch our blog for new features.

We have also added two new options for your account/profile:
- an option to show your email on your profile page
- an option to set a website url on your profile page