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The Staff is ready

There is no need to send any more moderator applications, our staff is now complete.

Congratulations to our new moderators and I'm sure that with them, is gonna be even better.

You can discover our moderators on our new page dedicated to the Staff:

Too much applications, thank you

We have received more than 170 moderator applications. If you have not received an answer for the moment, it means that you have passed the first selection. We are now in the final selection process.

To finish, there is no need to send any more applications, we have already too much candidates.

We are looking for Moderators

"" is now 10 months old and new features are coming soon. With almost 1,000 schematics, every day more than 2,000 visitors come on "". To handle this, it is now time to get a team of moderators.

Do you like "" and want to help? So apply to become a moderator.

What are the tasks of a moderator?

A moderator will have the following tasks:
- Test schematics so that users enjoy schematics that are working and has been tested
- Report stolen schematics - Update incorrect informations on schematics
- Report inappropriate content (pictures, comments...)

How to apply to become a moderator?

If you want to become a moderator, please send an email to with the following informations:

- What is your age?
- What is your account on
- Do you have a Minecraft server? If yes, what is the address of your server?
- How many times per week can you give to
- Is english your native language?