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Statistics and website version 1.3

We are working on "" version 1.3 and we have already released some new features/updates:


Each schematic has now a new page that will show complete statistics to it's owner.

An improve home page

The home page has been improved. We hope that you will like it.

In the coming days, more changes are coming.

Minecraft 1.5 "The Redstone Update" is out

Minecraft 1.5 "The Redstone Update" is now out. To update your Minecraft client, just launch it and click on "Yes" when prompting for update.

This new version bring a huge list of changes, improvements, new blocks:

-Engine optimizations with a more realistic lighting
-New format for texture packs, support for HD texture packs and fonts, textures can be animated!!
-Scoreboard system
-Detailed death messages
-New blocks & items: activator rail, block of redstone, daylight sensor, dropper, hopper, redstone comparator, trapped chest, nether brick, nether quartz
-More powerfull mobs
-Lots of bug fixes (105 bugs fixed)

You can view the full list of changes here on the official Minecraft wiki:

If you are looking for 1.5 servers to play on:


Follow us on Pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome social network to show our schematics, so we have created a board on it. We invite you to follow us on it and of course don't hesitate to repin!!

We will progressively fill it with our best schematics.

200 Schematics

We have now 200 schematics!! A big thanks to all contributors, next step: 500 schematics!

Minecraft Schematics 1.1 has been updated to version 1.1.

Main changes
- You cannot rate your own schematic anymore
- Schematics need at least 3 votes to be displayed in "Top rated"
- Added "Server Hosting" page
- Added a RSS feed for our blog:
- New Captcha system
- Added "Latest comments" page
- Schematics without at least one picture will not be show anymore (except on owner profile)
- Added "Support us" page
- Added users leaderboard based on achievements: "Achievements leaderboard"
- Added "Traps" category

WorldEdit 5.5

WorldEdit 5.5 was released some days ago. This version is comptatible with CraftBukkit 1.4.6-R0.3.

- Added failsafe for when Craftbukkit packaging switches versions. Note that using mismatched WorldEdit and CraftBukkit version will cause data to be lost when copy/pasting or loading certain blocks with advanced data.
- Updated cardinal directions to match newer Notchian values. Using command that take a direction will now use these directions.
- Add support for setting skull blocks. Syntax is skull:data|MobType|rotation. MobType can also be a player name.
- Removed old permissions for jumpto and thru. You must now use jumpto.command or jumpto.tool respectively (or thru.).
- Added -c flag to //size and //distr. Operates on the clipboard instead of current selection.
- Added support for rotating wooden logs.
- Add butcher-radius.maximum and butcher-radius.default to limits section of config.
- Added -b flag to //butcher to specify ambient mobs (currently only bats)
- Added -d and -n flags for //schematic list command. Sorts by date by newest/oldest.
- Added a configuration option to allow symbolic links (for backups, schematics, etc)
- Improved accuracy of command logging, as well as logging to file correctly. The worldedit.log file (by default) should now be useful.
- Fixed //snow snowing on some blocks it shouldn't (like stairs)
- For developers: Added a LocalPlayer argument to the constructors for EditSession in the factory. Also added @NestedCommand(executeBody=true/false) so that base commands can be executed if no subcommands are passed.

Happy new year 2013

Minecraft Schematics and myself wish you a Happy New Year 2013 and a lot of good things.

Version 1.0 and new account options was launched in Beta state on October 19th.

Version 1.0 has now been released and is no more in Beta state. This mean that the basic features are now finished and that we can now focus on new features. Watch our blog for new features.

We have also added two new options for your account/profile:
- an option to show your email on your profile page
- an option to set a website url on your profile page

Report module

A schematic is not working? Someone uploaded an inappropriate picture?

We have added a "report" module so that you can now help us to moderate the website. Simply click on the "report" button on a schematic's detail page and you will be redirected on an easy and quick form to warn us.

Youtube video support

We have just released support for Youtube video. So you can now link a Youtube video to a schematic. This will allow user to get a better look at your creations.